I use it mainly for ambient music and the evolving pads and dual arpeggiators are awesome for that. I was able to use it without problems with energization operation checked. Genuine soft case, instruction manual, power cord. The keyboard has been tested and works well. I know, I should have exported them to sysex or whatever. What is the “budget” trinity? I often control it from another keyboard or midi guitar.

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This pitch bend for korg x5 x5d Is used but in good working conditions Not international shipping not returns. Old AI 2 synthesis were all bit samples, The tiny two-line screen means that a lot of the words are abbreviated, and a lot of scrolling and menu diving is required to edit the sounds. Well, now we got x5ddr cleared!

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Depending on amount of work, the price can be arranged!

X5DR/Owner’s Manual

I used mine mainly in the studio. Add another 32Mb of samples with snap-in modules. Sound-wise, I prefer the Triton over the Trinity.


Introduced inthe Korg X5 synthesizer was basically an update on klrg tone production engine of the world-beatingly successful Korg M1.

Keyboard – 61 keys with velocity no after touch. Waveforms – multisounds, drum sounds.

Korg X5DR Module – Worth Buying?

Some of these sound dated in this day and age, the piano sound is a little on the thin side to say the least, x5df the string, pad and organ sounds can still hold their own against much newer keyboards!

Date Produced – I liked the BLM solo Edit: Juan Atkins and Derek May used them I told but they had to use them as Trinity has resonance, X5D doesn’t it has it emulated, but sounds korh.

This page was last updated: From the M1’s launch inand essentially through to th The X5D is an entry level keyboard from Korg. I was able to use it without problems with energization operation checked.

For the money, the Triton beats the Trinity in these key features this is Koeg vs. But the X5DR at that price is still worthwhile. Buy it before he changes his mind. Filter – VDF low pass for every oscillator. I find the sounds on mine very usable. Once you have created some program sounds, you can combine up to eight of them in combi mode.


Also shop in Also shop in. However, it is a relatively short learning curve.

Polyphony – 64 voices. That made it a bit challenging for live use.

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Effects – 2 independent digital multi-effects processors, 47 effects each. I love that freaking solo! I pull from X5 Is used but. The Triton Extreme has even better specs and is that much better. A lot of people have the notion of Trinity sounding warmer and less “polished” than Triton. View the discussion thread.