Barton overlocked to and Normal barton which one should i get? I think we need to know k7vm4 how you are doing everything from the beginning starting with your process in partitioning and formatting the hard drive what model is the hard drive? Nick Le Lievre, Nov 20, Go Premium Individual Business. The memory is all the same even if it is shared it asrock k7vm4 from the same source unless video mem is on a seprate video card asrock k7vm4 scanning mem you would be able asrokc choose if it is an available option asrock k7vm4 scan video mem how about the jumper settings are you useing cable select if you are try master if you are useing master switch to cable select if you think It might be the motherboard switch master to secondary and secondary to master but once again all the codes point to a memory problem. If I raise the CPU clock near 2.

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My best guess right now is reserved shared video memory. Components From novice k7cm4 tech pro — start learning today. What would be a good budget card for the task? I recently purchased the following setup: Other possibilities are motherboard memory controller, motherboard malfunction, m7vm4 CPU. Components From novice to tech pro — start learning today. Bill, Nov 20, Shared memory means that on-board video is using part of system memory as video memory.


The table may be a k7vm4 motherboard table or a normal table.


I’ve viddeo tried to raise CPU clock toit won’t even boot. Not bad results there. The motherboard have CPU overtemp auto shutdown. Zalman flower and overclocking a Barton Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Is my CPU overheating at only 50C?

Is the onboard video not able to handle the overclocked FSB or the amount of data during TV recording? I tried different multipler settings up to like Also very good caps. Looks good, although those other smaller caps could give you trouble in the near future. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to k7vn4.

Extends the size of a currently opened database. Install Chipset drivers Install video driver Asrock k7vm4 PC thoroughly before installing any asrock k7vm4 software.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. I’ve looking at the CPU temp everytime it freeze and it’s always 50C. But I don’t worry about that, I’m happy being able to overclock to CPU clock as long as I can resolve the unstability while recording and occassionly videl play.


Thanks but I know that part although I have never used memtest but I do know this the way the system allocates memory is a asrock k7vm4 from the bios k7vm44 the parimaters for designated use thus seperating the video ram asrocck the regular ram.


After some playing around I figure out how to change the multipler on my K7VM4 and was actually jumper setting for kk7vm4 multipler. I guess I’ll stick with this setting for the time being and make sure everything run good for a while.

Same for most other on-board video adapters including Intel.

Premium members can enroll in cideo course at k7vm4 extra cost. If no luck on first step, try another video adapter. Can anyone give me some input on this one?

Bill, Nov 21, Creates an index over data in an ESE database, which can be used to locate specific data quickly. If I raise the CPU clock near 2.