I’d have to hear it to know what sounds odd, but then again I’ve heard different sounds from my D3 on different days. Did you take the club to an authorized retailer to check it? You currently have javascript disabled. The responses you’ve received so far are spot on: Just wondering if you have heard of this guy?

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Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. We advise you to double check the location to where you made the purchase. Has anyone bought from golfsalesman. Their products can be found at http: How do I tell if it is real? I just recieved a Scotty Camaron putter from them and compaired it to my own, seems okay the weight is good it sits behind the ball well, checked on the Scotty Camaron wedsite and is identical to the ones on screen, so if it is fake then its flipping good.

Real or Fake: D2 Driver – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

Originally Posted by fairband. I hope none were golf clubs of any of the previously mentioned brands.

The other is a cheap imitation which hits the ball considerably less distance. Hi golf spy, great info mate. Just to add to my last post. The magnet will not stick to the tungsten if they are real AP2’s.


How to spot a fake D3.

This is when a new model is launched the quality retailers heavily discount the out going model. The only thing you should be doing with it is adding it to your banned website filter. I have learned my lesson about buying cheap clubs. Then Spkt get an email from the site saying the club was shipped yesterday.

It shows pictures of serial numbers on the clubs, but with the price being so low, it seems a little too good to be true. I still use Ebay on golf items but instead of buying clubs, I started buying golf gift cards. Hey Jim, If you found a driver that you found you could hit I guess I should be glad I’m not good enough to play Titleist clubs. Ask yourself, if the clubs do not come through the proper channels, then where on Earth do they get them from?

Does anyone know about greatsalegolf.

They say apot clubs come from a OEM supplier. Only thing is to buy fom an authorized dealer and basically hope that you dont have that wrong one out of the bunch.

Visa offers almost no protection, MC better am told that they will fight when counterfit — remains to be seenApot best which is why they probably do not take AMEX Also — these guys will post fake blogs saying they are legit.


Took the club into GT and we removed the grip and verified the laser etched numbering so its legit We have two bags — the other was bought in the USA from a shop, thus they are both similar.

Most of the rip-off online stores have old inventories Nike platinum or regular-priced golf balls. I immediately sent a strongly worded email to the contact who had confirmed my order, and then phoned my bank to ask for their advice.

There is just too much to gain…the market for this has just gotten too big. Anyone ever heard of or used officegolfshop.

Companies Creating Fake Titleist Clubs

Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. They got me dont let them get you.

And even then, that price will not be posted. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. I would hope that they are quite rare and therefore not worth forging?