Canceling a print To cancel a print, first send a cancel order from your computer using the appropriate command for your software application. Image file resolution Printer dpi setting Effect on printed output dpi dpi 1 input pixel prints as 4 output pixels. Check to make sure you have the proper cartridges installed in each position, that they all contain the same type of ink and all cartridges are installed properly. LT is not designed to accept add-in applications. The registered user of an Encad product whose manuals is distributed in this fashion may print one copy for their personal use only.

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Internal Error “mpcb Failure If not, perform the following steps to align the printer heads. From the printer’s front panel you can specify additional copies using the Reprints menu.

Encad/kodak Cis2 Black Ink Cartridge & Caddy Kit for Encad T-200 Printers

Other common causes include dirty encoder sncad, media interference, worn carriage bushings, cutter malfunction, and tt-200 trailing cable connections. Common Banding Causes Stopping printing To stop the printing process while AutoCAD is sending data to the printer, abort by typing: If a solid pattern is not printed, run the color test again. Printing a file The Windows driver allows you to print from virtually any Windows-based application.


Minimum media width is 8.

Bond, Mylar, Vellum, Premium Matte. Controls the appearance of the intersecting elements. With the Save Media option turned off, the printer advances the full print area of the loaded media. Excessive banding in area fills Consistent banding is generally a hardware problem; inconsistent banding is generally a software problem.

Repeat for other cartridges if desired. To better fit images and save media, you can use the Rotation option to turn vector files counterclockwise 90 degrees at a time.

If the cutter is worn, replace it. If you remove and reinstall the same cartridge, only Color Calibration needs to be performed. Slide Shaft Profile Adjustment Ink caddies can be affected by t-2200 temperature swings.

Illustrator 10 prints DPI files correctly through the Windows driver.

ENCAD T Troubleshooting guide |

Verify that carriage movement is free and smooth by turning the power off and moving the carriage from one end of the shaft to the other make sure there is no binding and that nothing is blocking the carriage movement. Colors overwrite each other: Paper axis test prints the paper axis test pattern.

Still, ink cartridge jets can become clogged, especially with prolonged exposure to the air or with nonuse. Some tests are performed between prints and require no user input, encadd others require user input. To find the largest size divide 16, by to get the size in inches. Electrostatic Discharge esd Sensitivity End of cartridge life is indicated as ml.


Print the Prime test to verify that the jets are clear.

If the carriage is in the same spot, check the encoder strip for visible damage clear plastic strip under the trailing cable tray and above the belt Refer to the figure which follows. An obstruction in the envad of the carriage assembly is hindering carriage movement. The settings allow adjustments for different kinds of papers and inks.

If conditions are outside the operating ranges recommended for the printer, allow the media to acclimate in the operating environment for at least 48 hours before using it. Making a test print The CD included with your enca contains sample images. Do not use alcohol on the jet area.

If you are printing area fills, you may want to set the Dry Time option.