Listing 12 shows a list of configuration bundles. As an alternative, this package could be imported by client bundle to decouple model from JDBC drivers. Creating a target definition project Create a general project called com. One of the main goals of the tutorial is to prove, that there is a feasible and easy way to run the same JPA model and client bundles with various configurations. I should mention that this model is a simple structure of two classes Student and Group — Listing 1 that are linked to each other in one-too-many bi-directional way.

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The SpringSource -packaged bundle is ready to use: GenerationType ; import javax. In such a osyi, you could have to re-package the bundle, but this is another story.


Therefore make sure you have Regions installed. Please ensure that you have Java 8 installed and it’s working.

See OSGi Tutorial for further information. The client bundle OSGi configuration is represented below maven-bundle-plugin configuration — Listing 5.

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The problem is that the Export-Package clause of this bundle oegi exposes the org. The tutorial includes configuration and usage information in leading Java EE containers. Comprehensive open-source Java persistence solution addressing relational, XML, and database web services.


The DBWS Builder generates the necessary configuration files based on the provided database artifacts so that EclipseLink’s relational and persistence services can be combined to handle the requests. Then create a Todo and TodoService class inside the com. M1-incubation jar remians in Installed state as well as the gemini. On the Configuration tab of the product this config.

In order to persist Todo objects in the H2 database certain properties for the so called persistence-unit have to be specified in a persistence. In Listing 6, you can find a list of configuration bundles:.

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The configurations can be run with:. General Release Notes 2. July 6, DmytroPishchukhin. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

The next step for the model is to pack all classes into OSGi bundle. Todo ; import com. GeneratedValue ; import javax.

After that press the Add Required Plug-ins button to add all necessary dependencies. All Posts by DmytroPishchukhin. Component ; import org.


Tutorial: Using JPA in an OSGi Environment

He took a part in many OSGi eclipsflink for different markets: One extra header has been added to the model bundle to make Persistence Units available for the following EclipseLink configuration: List ; import java. So what sholud i do.? This solution has been announced as deprecated since version 2.

Understanding EclipseLink Concepts 2. Join us in London!

Now the application can be run from the command line by starting it like this: EntityManagerFactory ; import javax. Hibernate EntityManager project implements the programming interfaces and lifecycle rules as defined by the JPA 2.