With such an unexplicit error, it is quite difficult to solve that problem which might be, according to many links on Google, related to JBoss. How to use wait, notify and notifyAll in Java – Pr Here is my code whose syntax is not coloured in the preview, I hope it will be once the post is sent. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Other JDBC books are appearing regularly. Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. SQL has another way to insert names into a query called stored procedures , which is used for speed.

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Why String is Immutable in Java? You get back a Connection object that you can then use to query and manipulate the database.

This implies a directory structure, which is deceiving. Is the driver included with the JDK anywhere? How claas use wait, fonrame and notifyAll in Java – Pr Please type your message and try again. With such an unexplicit error, it is quite difficult to solve that problem which might be, according to many links on Google, related to JBoss.

A database that contains only a single table like this one is usually called a flat-file database.

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I didn’t have to go with pain involved on installing Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL database, sometime even you don’t even have administrator access in your machine to do that. The discrepancies between database products are just something that JDBC tries to help compensate for. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Any idea where to download them?


To test whether your driver load statement is working correctly, comment out the code after the statement and up to the catch clause; if the program throws no exceptions it means that the driver is loading properly.

I have the same question 0.

sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver Connection Example : JDBC ODBC « Database « Java Tutorial

There are different options to install the driver for different versions. Which JBoss version do you use? Normally, in pre Java 8 world, java. Does it depend on my Operating System?

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Other JDBC books are appearing regularly.

java – JDBC ODBC Driver Connection – Stack Overflow

Now you can press the SQL button and without any research on your part, up will pop the correct SQL code, ready for you to cut and paste. Of course, you can simply run the JDBC program example above up to and including the statement: First, open the control panel. No suitable driver found fo Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. For each record in the result set, you can select the fields using among other approaches the field name as a string.


Once the connection is hdbcodbcdriver with DriverManager. Default, Defender or Extension Method of Java 8 wi This class is required to connect any database using Object database connectivity driver e.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. To allow this platform independence, JDBC provides a driver manager that dynamically maintains all the driver objects that your database queries will need.

In fact, the load statement above for the jdbc-odbc driver the only one that actually comes with JDK 1. I used Microsoft Query that came with Microsoft Office, but you might prefer something else. As mentioned earlier, databases have seemed from their inception to be in a constant state of turmoil, primarily because the demand for database applications, and thus database tools, is so great.

But for much of your database experimentation and for your first cut, building your own query strings in Java is fine.