Some of the capacitors are visibly bulging, a sure sign they are failing. These cache chips are marked as Writeback, which turns out to be the chip maker rather than the cache type. It supports slot 1 processors up to Mhz surprisingly, this would have been faster than any of the Pentium II chips available at the time. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Later Super Socket 7 boards increased performance for pretty much any processor because of this. This feature is extremely useful in diagnosing any power related problems, as the outputted values are the actual values not what they should be, the table also provides the user with a recommended range that the detected item should fall within i.

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The board itself features a total of two on-board 3-pin fan connectors, which should be more enough for a single fan Socket Celeron processor. This connector was also used later on early Pentium 4 boards, and is used here for a similar reason, to supply additional power. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The slot 1 design solved this problem by putting the CPU and mz-6153 in separate packages on an installable module. Mister G Kids A daily comic about real stuff little kids say in school.

These IR devices vsr usually treated as a serial port, so software like hyperterm was usable with them. Boards like this one were and still are quite unusual for the PC architecture, most only have one CPU socket to keep costs low and the complexity of the motherboard down.

Later Super Socket 7 boards increased performance for pretty much any processor because of this. Some notable features include dual power input and optional on-board video.


This board was donated to me quite some time ago, and luckily it works.

Microstar MS-6153 Socket-370 BX Preview

I suspect the reason for omitting SDRAM sockets is to save money, as this would have been a budget board. Like other boards this age it has L2 cache chips, in this case K pipeline burst cache.

Luckily, if you happen to be that hard-core gamer type, MSI offers the on-board sound as an option, and you can knock a few bucks off the final cost by opting to stick with the plain board and no on-board sound. Also note the very large power diodes very near to the SCSI port, quite an unusual feature!

With dual processors and the ability to use high-end workstation graphics this would have suited the task quite well with a few caveats. They were beginning to require much more power, a problem which was later solved with a direction power connection on the graphics card. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Boards with separate VRAM are completely different beasts, and actually have more in common with systems that have a discrete graphics card.

In use they usually proved to be slower and less reliable than just using a cable. Sometimes a board will continue to function mz-6153 this, but it usually means the board is about to fail. Some manufacturers ms-61553 it further, using two 7 segment displays instead.

Most scene data textures and meshes are pre-loaded into the graphic memory so the load on the IO bus is minimised. Next to the floppy connector is a connector that seldom got use in desktop machines.

It would probably suite running something like NetBSD which tends to require much less resources and can take advantage of the second processor. This particular example is a M6TBA ver 1.

From the perspective of a technician this board is pretty good.


MS-6153 VER:2.1 industrial motherboard CPU Card 100% fully tested working MS-6153

The software bundled vfr the consists of MSI’s SoftCooler, a Software CPU Cooling Device that allows the processor to essentially “rest” while it is waiting ms-66153 user input to begin processing another item, and depending on your CPU usage patterns, this software may significantly reduce the heat production and power consumption of your CPU.

Intel’s highly criticized move back to a socketed design with the Socket seems to have been widely accepted by motherboard manufacturers, as all of the big names in the industry have already adopted the Socket platform in many of their newer designs. Like a previous Socket 7 board, this has a thermister mounted in the middle of the CPU socket.

Do not compare newer ratings to older ones, the newer ratings are much more aggressive. If there was a problem they could use these instead or in addition to the standard BIOS beep codes.

Ugh look at the arrangement of the configuration jumpers. CPU support seems to be up to Mhz from the jumper settings chart printed on the board.

MS User Manual – MSI Motherboard ATX

The main annoyance is with the silk screen reference being so distant from the jumpers, and not having very descriptive names. Surprisingly it was a mainboard, a time when overclocking meant replacing the crystal oscillator.

Surrounding the Socket are 6 large and 4 mid-sized electrolytic capacitors, allowing for a cleaner signal to be present between the installed CPU, the chipset, and the memory banks among the components on rest of the motherboard.