Now, plug the phone in again and see how the computer reacts. Have you tried putting the phone into safe mode and then connecting it to the PC? This feature is very important to me as a Linux user. Once that is done you need to create a mount point for your Android filesystems. This website uses cookies. This mount point should be accessible by anybody as you will later mount the device using your user account.

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I’ve used multiple USB cords, verified they work with the first phone, and tried them on the second phone with no results.

Please, please, please, how can I get this feature back? Message 9 of I just bought it a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t try to connect it to my PC until after the Jellybean update.

[q] mtp driver motorola droid razr m xt907

I am just a volunteer who happens to be a Moderator. Message 8 of Help would be greatly appriciated. Message 10 of They show you how to mp all the id information required to set up mtp mounting. While it is interesting reading, I have just skipped over all that and supplied the TF specific values.


Have you tried putting the phone into safe mode and then connecting it to the PC? Printer-friendly version Log in to post comments reads.

Message 4 of Mrp feature is very important to me as a Linux user. There are no prompts on the phone or the copmputer when the second phone is connected.

USB Mass Storage option missing with Android – Lenovo Community

Just for grins, have you tried connecting the problem phone to a different computer? Message 10 of Message 6 of Message 1 of This helped me too. Now I’m wasting hours each week transfering files to and from my computers using the micro SD card instead of just hooking up a cable.

By default, fuse does not allow mounted filesystems to be accessed by anybody else that the user who has mounted it.

If you are not happy with installing prebuild binaries from mhp, you can easily get the source from github and build it yourself. The phone is receiving a charge. In Nautilus, it appears in the device section and you are now able to Eject it Latest Android devices are using 2 different USB connexion modes: After trying a number of them I have found go-mtpfs works best for me.


Connecting Motorola Razr M To Ubuntu with MTP |

Gvfs has been updated in Ubuntu Register Sign In Help. This is the core of making the auto mounting work.

The phone is in MTP mode. Message 1 of This feature was present when I purchased the phone and Android 4.

Thanks for taking the time to provide the great visuals for the forum, Fletch. My “USB computer connection” screen looks motprola like the one j.

However, the phone will show that it is charging, when plugged in.