I don’t think that can be beaten! The fm recorder works great too! Please let me know whether buying a product from os series is a good choice or not. There is a hugely distinct white noise in the background. Hi, I’m before buying one of the iriver ifp products. All that significantly reduces that widely advertised quality of iRiver. Oh well, we can’t get everything in a player.

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And that means you cant upload it to your computer Randy, yes, the difference is only cosmetic – inside they’re both the same player with identical specs. Its strange, that the player didnt appear in This computer like new disc. You can also adjust igiver bit rate and frequency when recording.

IFP-700 Series Specifications

In response to the issues; 1 White noise; not something I would have picked up on if someone hadn’t raised it. The option is available in other players so I was wondering if there is any 3rd party firmware out there.

Hello I have been thinking about getting a portable mp3 player for a long time now, but can never seem to find the perfect match for myself. Thanks for the link!


Is this noise issue normal and should I return it? They asked me to provide them riiver an explanation of the defects. Although Linux support was nearly non-existant back then the current driver works very well: Too bad So sad.

I cannot download from my ifp-700 iriver player to windows vista

Simply put, stereo goes away even when the stereo light is on. I tested by converting Monkey’s Audio files to a variety of different formats and bit rates using dbPowerAmp music convertor.

Does anybody have a workaround solution for this? I want find another ways to put the music on. VBR MP3- this is running firmware 1. HELP says it is a copy right issue. The is otherwise a great player.

SOLVED: I cannot download from my ifp iriver player to – Fixya

Lfp-700 imagine a rubber band on that gorgeous body in a month time. I’ve also added this to the main post. BeyerDynamic DTX – good quality and no hiss although they’re too big to wear in public!!

Now i’ve packed it back in the box in sheer frustration. Must be the same size if not smaller, and does not have any of the problems that the iRiver has. I tried idiver the instructions on the iRiver website, which involved trying to install the drivers via Device Manager, but could not get it to work.


Depends on the type of music you listen to Jimmy.

I am not new to recording, as I am an amateur musician, and iiver familiar with everything from analogue tape to HD recording. Nobody here has mentioned it, so – just in case people aren’t aware – v1.

Your ogg files are probably below 96kbps, menaing ifp-7000 they cannot be played Fortunately I ims taken insurance and ordered the wrap-around headphones as well. Please assign your manual to a product: UMS is so convenient. As for Ogg, does your player support average bitrates down to 64 kbps? There are postitives, battery life and the ability to set a timer to record FM, for example. As Ogg uses variable bit rates, if you encode at 96 then there will be parts that go below, so the player will reject them.