Can you help me? If so, how do I obtain the v4l2-ioctl. So either find the best matching one for your device, and add the lines from previous post, or just create a new file with myrulset. I’m having problems with this ‘ere EasyCrap device, so I just want to check that its not a known driver issue before I send it back. Hi, I imagine there is already a program running on the computer which is processing sound using the snd-usb-audio module. I’m running Debian 6. Hi zonemikel, Thanks for reporting back.

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I did briefly try it on an old Windows XP test box that is rarely usedand it eawycap several times when I ran the “ShowBiz” software provided. ZM – I should have been more specific that it was part of the driver distribution.

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I differed from Hugh’s instructions in that I followed stk11xx 1. Any ideas of things I could try?

ueb I recently purchased 2 of these DC60 devices, for two reasons: Is anyone able to advise me on how to fix thir. ZM, but I must admit it was difficult, and the final result was not brilliant: Still hoping for constructive suggestions! To test it, plug fasycap the EasyCAP, open a terminal window Ewsycap users click on the topmost Ubuntu icon and type “terminal” in the search box and try the command: Allocated iso buffer at ffffc [ I tried both testNTSC. Followed all instructions, it seems it compiles right but when I do the “sudo insmod stk11xx.


If you are not seeing any colour it may mean that there is a programming error in the driver which I must attend to. There seems to be no audio support in the stk driver. Why is audio so complicated? Mike That’s true, I downloaded code from there and compiled it. At present I don’t know how to get the easycap module to load satisfactorily at boot time.

You will need to close this program, whatever it is, before running. Here’s a complete kernel dmesg output just now when I tried to insmod the stk11xx.

I did just try 2. Thanks for all your help so far!

Just to recap, I cant get the STK11xx driver with patch to work, easycxp output of my lsusb -v is the same as Dave’s above. Can you open a console as a regular user, and type gstreamer-properties, if thats installed, it should open a window with sound and video sources, and confirm that v4l2 or v4l1 is a valid source in the eassycap tab under inputs for video.

Bogus norm parameter, setting default. Also take a look here: I’m sure this stuff is probably tucked away in some user guide somewhere, usbb giving that info with this example will help me understand, and perhaps help some others also.


I have extracted the download and now have the easycap folder on my desktop but im stuck on how to go to that directory.

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Ok I am posting a new thread because this thread was archived here: I am using ubuntu 8. I plug my video into all the different channels and get nothing. In Kdenlive I only get black and white output with a lot of latency and it doesn’t work at all in Cheese, but it works in Graffiti Analysis http: Recording is a different matter entirely. God Im and egg. I think I will put this on the back burner until the official Lucid release when I may reinstall the OS from scratch.

After a short time, the video stops updating and the green light then goes off.

Dave ; BTW – if we eaaycap this working, I’d like to go over with you afterwards what all the options mean, why you selected them, etc.