Why are there no values for my used golf clubs? The Optiforce uses both rings to combine to give a neutral or draw setting that can be adjusted done one degree or up one or two degrees. It performs superbly and is not at all whippy as a few commentators seem to have had concerns with. Gil Leonard Aug 13, at Simply chose the payment option that works best for you. I agree on the point about weight. It is by far very long and forgiving.

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Then the same test with the and Appreciate the review, Tristan. Forum Thread of the Day: Please ship all trade-ins to:. For the first time Callaway have used a light 43 gram Callawaj X shaft as a stock option that performed very well and was light, stable and provided a good level of feel.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review – Golfalot

Hit’em long and straight. Finding the right shaft was a faster process that Chris expected.

In the review above it mentions the PLVx43 is available from 5. I have the OptiForce driver and find it to be a great driver. So, what are the differences?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They agreed that at some point in the future Chris may be able to return to the 8. Technology and Design The new FT Optiforce driver comes in two basic versions; a cc head lptiforce a starting loft of Vic Karter Dec 2, at 9: I did not like the feel of theI had worse dispersion and overall I preferred the Building the perfect driver was a long way off and still isbut Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G This allowed Callawy to modify everything from the head size, moment of inertia, center of gravity position, weight and xallaway bulge radius to produce optimal conditions across the loft options in each head.


Callaway FT Optiforce Drivers: Editor Review

While it still allows for face angle changes, it also allows for changes to the loft of the club; one degree down, or up to two callawqy up, in one degree increments. The cc head is the faster through the air as it is smaller but it would be nice to have cc performance in a slightly larger head.

John Aug 10, at 9: Published 1 year ago on Aug 9, Golfers of all skill levels can find something good in both options, especially golfers looking for a higher launching more forgiving club. This leads to higher swing speeds and more distance. Most golfers know that so much goes into a proper fitting and the shaft plays a very large role. I think the liteweight hype may be hype — I believe weight is a balance for each golfer.

Although the head and shaft combo generated more speed, I was actually generating a more consistent and higher smash factor throughout the test.


Callaway FT Optiforce 440cc Driver Review

A bigger deal for some golfers might be the G crowns. Once the M2 Our golf club condition guide is as follows:. The hype on this driver was its length — lightweight and aerodynamic for more distance. The two changes had George hitting high-launching, low-spinning bombs that barely had any curvature.

Despite all this I am still happy to recommend Callaway FT Optiforce driver for the looks, performance and feel because for a composite driver it is one of the best in the market.

The head will perform better for me in any condition and the optimal configuration is the stock setting of 9. Apr 22, at 7: The club sits nice at address and still inspires a lot of confidence.