Sparkle Control Page The number of different names is laughable. When nVidia motherboard chipsets rule the roost, SLI thrives. Overall Performance Comparison Page How many polys per frame typically?

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Once the darling of the budget constrained computer gamer, nVidia’s Geforce GT has been pushed aside by AMD’s en9600gt/ytdi/512m/a HD and the sudden swell in Crossfire supporting 4-series Intel motherboards. If you are installing the Asus Silent, you should put it in an area with good air flow; the big passive cooler does not protect the graphics chip from overheating. Episode 2 Page Especially when the conclusion is, buy another model green card.

ENGT/HTDI/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS USA

Azus Software Page 7: Mass Effect Page The large fan it selected runs pretty quietly so noise isn’t a problem, it’s just that the heatsink stands tall enough to occupy an extra slot of space. The number of different names is laughable. The only thing I wish they’d stop doing is using MS FSX which is really badly written suffers terrible aus without the full PCIe speed as it reloads textures constantly.


No way to tell. The videocard itself is 22cm long and requires one 6-pin auxiliary power connector – par for the course for this GPU generation.

Re other cards like the GTX Not seen this mentioned anywhere. Seriously is this site sponsered by Nvidia?

Integrates 10% Engine Clock Boosts with Extreme Glaciator Cooling

With the ENGT Asus have chosen a slightly less desirable approach that make this graphics card a double-slot affair, rather unnecessarily.

NVidia’s graphics cards do not incorporate an audio codec, so the audio signal needs to be connected to the videocard manually. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Of course, you’ll have to have an nForce based motherboard to do this.

Turn your PC into an amazing entertainment system with HDMI

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Hence the foreseeable future belongs to Crossfire capable platforms Also, has anyone ever done an analysis of exactly what Crysis is doing?

Subscribe to our newsletter. You see, the dominant motherboard chipset plays a big role in auss which videocard species gamers turn to. The memory chips are not cooled on both sides.


While the price difference between the en9600g/htdi/512m/a isn’t insignificant, it’s less than the cost of running two Geforce GTs in SLI. Sparkle Fan Page Why don’t we have any ATI ?

Who is interested in the Green cards anymore? There are no big-ticket games included here.

Overall Performance Comparison Page How many polys per frame typically? Asus equipped our test sample with MB of DDR3 graphics memory, which is sufficient for resolutions of up to x pixels. As it stands, for all its past might nVidia and it’s nForce chipsets were virtually absent from the floors of Computex The card comes with a handful of tools like SmartDoctor, which you can use to manipulate speeds and the Awus for recording and transfering game videos.

Around front we find two Digital DVI jacks, one yellow the other white.