Do not wipe back and forth, to avoid dust or dirt on cleaning cotton would be attached onto print head again. Internal character sets standard 5 alpha-numeric fonts with height from 0. Do not connect this pin if you use a general host such as a PC. Figure 5 5 26 Notes: Normally the procedure for loading the media through the cutter is: The XV is an industrial-strength barcode printer that is easy to adjust and delivers excellent cost-performance. Windows Server , R2, , R2, and

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Another way is to turn off printer power, and then restart printer.

Seagull Argox X-2000v PPLB Free Driver Download (Official)

The viewing direction is facing the machine, and using hex socket screw driver for the adjustment. Press and hold the FEED button while turning on the power.

Remove the top cover on both left and right sides. The printer will then feed the labels through the cutter automatically. Inspect the outside of both the box and the printer for 5 possible damage.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Check the active printer driver, and see if Seagull Driver for your Windows system ppbl the label printer has been selected.


Connect the keyboard to the keyboard interface. If the test print appears as Figure A, remain the screw at the right of Ribbon Bracket fixed, then loose the screw at the c, and gradually fine-tune upward, until the print quality gets improved. Check for any traces of black coloring or adhesive on the cotton after cleaning.

Argox X Industrial Label Printer.

Open the top cover of the printer to see if the media compartments are in order. It allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program. A label is printed.

Courier font with different symbol sets. To print label the head latch must be closed. Check if the printer power is turned on. Lead the ribbon through the print head module. For the XVL, ignore this step.

Clockwise rotate the screw a half circle and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved. Pin 9 is reserved for a KDU keyboard device unit. The pin assignment of serial cable is different from PC.


pplbb Be cautioned that this will reset all printer settings back to defaults; if possible, print the configuration label in advance before reset. Open the left cover of printer. Figure 5 5 26 Notes: Insert the left side of dispenser bracket and secure the three screws to the TPH module. Turn off the printer 2. Turn off the printer, connect the keyboard and then turn on the printer. If problem continues perform a label sensor calibration. Now printer is in normal printing mode.

Pin assignments are as follows: For technical and pin-out information, please refer to the Technical Reference in this manual. This section can be referred to, for X-Series to use transfer thermal printing. Pplv the dispenser board onto printer case.

Please note, as shown in Fig. It is intended solely for the information and use of parties operating and maintaining the equipment described herein.