In other words, I’m looking for a controller that will work well with my Mac and allow me to issue basic X10 commands via a command line interface or HTTP. Someone suggested that there might be permission errors. Cool Blue HomeSeer Default. All that’s really missing, I’m told, is better documentation. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. AmericanJoe Wednesday, May 7, – 5: If this seems unwise in any way to you, please let me know.

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I am happier with it because there is less of a delay after clicking on a device. That’s the part that can be solved by writing a Luup plugin, but without the USB device driver Luup doesn’t know the device exists.

Just to clarify, I’m looking for a hardware recommendation, not a software recommendation. Seriously, what company is offering this- are you able to give us a hint? Dick, Do you mean the U?

Maybe not, but neither does it cost what commercial stuff costs. The will not work with Vera! I forgot about the XTB, which is undoubtedly superior to the lot I mentioned. So, start trying it out.


Which Insteon Plugin did you pick from the updater? Stop The Fake News! You can try another one.

Indigo Domotics • View topic – Connection failed installing U controller

Apr 29, Location: Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A couple comments that may or may not be msc.

I have been using Mac home automation software with a U Insteon powerline controller. I have replaced 244u USB cable and it made no difference.

Best controller for DIY on Mac OS X?

Issue with PowerLinc U. Will be hard finding a match for your restrictive criteria. Romeodawg R U serious? I decided that trying to get Insteon to work was a waste of time. UsbCommunicationError — failed to create plugin interface I try port 2 and it cannot find it. I did try plugging my U into my Vera, but it doesn’t show up as a device in the web interface. I’m sure the folks at MCV hear us loud and clear, but yes, definitely have their hands full all around for now.

It’s unclear which one s Vera will support. Despite my initial zeal about former X10 users migrating to Vera to preserve their old investment, I strongly believe that the several hurdles involved, and the complexity of setting up hardware without rigorous documentation might scare a lot of them away.


July 2nd, I’m an experienced programmer, but I have no 2414k automation experience. September 09, I’m thinking this might be it. The problem is that it isn’t a USB-to-serial interface, so the Linux kernel doesn’t have a device driver for it and Luup can’t talk to it.

I have a U controller that performed intermittently when plugged into one outlet which also had a power strip with monitors, dock, etc. Home Help Search Login Register. Apple needs to take over this market completely and do this software as only Apple can. At some point it would just be easier to order a U, but I’m not ready to give up yet!

I want to write my own programs.